Letter To Prospective College Students

Letter To Prospective College Students

Dear Future UNA Students & Parents,

It is hard to believe that we are just a few weeks away from the beginning of a new semester.  This is an exciting time for us as we welcome both new and returning students to the area.  That is why we would love for you to “come and see” how the Helton Drive Congregation cares for each member of our spiritual family, including our college students.  

The college years are good years.  They can provide relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.  However, they can also be very challenging.  They are years of great transition, when a young person’s faith can truly be tested.  It is our goal to be a stable, spiritual influence as you face this transition. 

Over the past couple of years, we have noticed a few trends that we think you should know about, and for which you should be prepared.  Every semester we answer questions about both “Greek Fraternities & Sororities” and “Social Drinking.”  There is a lot of pressure placed on Christian students to be engaged in social events that involve the use of alcohol.  Therefore, we want to encourage both students and parents to study the Bible together, on these subjects, before the semester begins.

With that in mind, there is another important observation to mention.  We have noticed that parents who are active with their children, throughout this phase of life, have children who are more likely to succeed and excel spiritually.  We want to encourage parents to visit area congregations with their children, help them determine where to place their membership, and to visit that congregation throughout the year. Having a strong parental influence now is just as important as it is during any phase of life. 

While it is the role of parents to influence their children, the local church also has the responsibility of providing influence.  Every college student needs a strong spiritual family that is LOCAL.  It is important to have elders who will shepherd and miss you when absent from the services.  It is encouraging to have older members who will take you in and treat you like family.  It is crucial to have strong preaching and teaching from God’s word.  We not only want you to BE a part of our family, but we want you to FEEL like a part of our family.  We look forward to meeting you very soon!




Mel Ambrose                                                                Tim Holt                                                              Wiley Deason

Elder                                                                               Elder                                                                     Preacher